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Natural Remedies for Anxiety: CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil

How I Discovered CBD Oil Helps Anxiety Leaky gut pain is not a medically recognised condition, but believe me, it’s very real. Frequent IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), sudden allergies I’d never experienced before such as hayfever and gluten intolerance, chronic fatigue and the cherry on top – the return of some anxiety, were just some of the symptoms I […]

Podcast 2: More on Breathing

I just wanted to expand on the topic of breathing that I started yesterday and why it’s so important to use deep breathing to overcome anxiety and panic. When panic and anxiety kicks in adrenaline spikes, the sympathetic nervous system takes over and so you get all the symptoms that you’re all too aware of, […]

Eat Your SADness Away

Winter. Shorter days, grey skies, frozen windscreens. We can’t avoid it, we can’t escape it. It happens to us all, but some struggle with it a lot more than others. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can strike at any time in your life. You may have previously spent decades coping perfectly fine wearing extra socks, and […]

Free Anxiety and Panic Attacks Course

To celebrate the launch of my book Life Without Panic Attacks a few years ago, I created a free anxiety course. Since then my course has helped many thousands of sufferers worldwide overcome anxiety and panic attacks in a matter of days using the technique I used which does not require any courage whatsoever. I’m […]

Anxiety & Breathing

People who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks almost always breath shallowly, even when you tell them to take a deep breath you always find they do it from their chest. This not only gives the feeling of not getting enough air so you breath even quicker but also results in the characteristic tightness of […]