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Anxiety Panic Attacks

To celebrate the launch of my book Life Without Panic Attacks a few years ago, I created a free anxiety course.

Since then my course has helped many thousands of sufferers worldwide overcome anxiety and panic attacks in a matter of days using the technique I used which does not require any courage whatsoever. I’m the biggest wimp going, so if I can do it, anyone can.

My panic attacks started way before the internet and well before much was known about them and I would have welcomed these daily messages to give me something to focus on as well as to give me very practical help.

You might have had your anxiety and panic attacks for a long time now and feel you will never get over them though that is just not so and I got rid of mine in days using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in my own special way.

Sign up for my free anxiety course in the form below, it includes 9 other great techniques too. I’m going to be recording some anxiety videos soon which my subscribers will be able to hear about and have access to first.

See you very soon.

Much love,


“I would like to thank you for this mini course it is encouraging to read about someone who has pulled though! You are very kind to put the course out there and other notes on getting through this. I admire your generosity very much. I hope to help many people in this situation once I find the way out myself.”

“Dear Nicola,
I have read all of your advices, thank you. They were not for me but for my husband, who recently suffered of panic attacks. it seems now he’s recovering…
Many thanks and all the best,

“Hi Nicola
I am being really helped by the tapping thing

“Hi – I just wanted to Thank you for sending those notes everyday, I believe that they really help. I have been using EFT (I took a class a few months ago) and most of the time when I start to feel anxious I just have to rub/tap my collar bone and I can stop the panic or at least calm it. I did also go to a acupuncturist last week for the anxiety and that also seemed to really help. Thanks again for all the tips, Every day I would look forward to your email.
Gina M
Thank You Nicola.
I have enjoyed using the techniques you have suggested.
More tools to add to my toolbox.

With Love Margaret”

“Im doing wonderful with the lessons! They’ve done wonders for me!”
Linda F

“It worked great!”
Peter C

“Hi Nicola,
The sessions are very helpful.
Ann x”