Podcast 5: Another Way to Feel More Grounded

Anxiety Panic Attacks

I’ve had some feedback from a couple of people about the Strong as an Ox podcast and someone said they were having trouble getting it to work especially when feeling quite wobbly. I just wanted to say that it isn’t necessary to make everything work, they aren’t all going to be effective for you so just try everything and if something sticks and you find it useful then that’s great.

There is another way of feeling grounded while out if you’re feeling a bit wobbly and uncertain of yourself – if you can just focus on your feet, and the way they feel in contact with the ground,  really being aware of your heels and toes. And another way to create more contact with the ground is by bending your knees slightly. If you’re sitting down, stand up now and try that, being aware of your feet and how they feel making contact with the ground. Now just bend your knees very slightly and you’ll feel that more of the sole of your foot is now making contact with the ground. That can help quite a bit to make you feel more stable and more grounded.

So that’s another way to feel more steady while you’re out. And don’t forget you don’t need to be successful at each one of these techniques, just try them all, maybe a few times and see which works for you.