Podcast 7: How to Rebalance Your Brain to Think More Clearly

Anxiety Panic Attacks

Today in the podcast I’d like to talk about times when you seem to have brain freeze and you can’t collect your thoughts. When you can’t think of anything, there are no resources there at all. It’s actually been shown that during an anxiety or panic attack all activity occurs in one hemisphere either right or left, it does vary from person to person. When this happens you just have no access to the other half of your brain.

But the easy way to reconnect these hemispheres, and get the right and left brain talking, is to throw a ball from your right to left hand, and back again. Just gently throwing from one hand to another, just that action reconnects both parts of your brain. You can start thinking again quite clearly, it isn’t just a distraction it actually does work to connect them up again and this has been shown in scans of the brain before and after. I know it’s a bit awkward and you can’t take a ball out with you, but certainly try it at home. I use a juggling ball, a soft ball, or a bean bag ball. It’s definitely worth trying.

And if you are really feeling adventurous actually get some juggling balls and learn how to juggle as that really is beneficial in keeping the brain in tip-top shape.

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