Podcast 4: Strong As An Ox


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This podcast has been inspired by the awful weather outside, terribly high winds. It reminds me of when I used to be out and feel like I was being blown around and at the mercy of the weather and as I used to live on the beach; this used to happen quite a lot. I would face towards the wind and feel breathless if the wind caught me while feeling very unsteady.

So, this is a technique that I learned when I went to a training by Paul McKenna. He’s the master of change-work and this particular technique he taught me when I was feeling quite wobbly one day, and it’s really useful.

So, you need to stand up and with your feet a little bit apart, and imagine your brain, just focus on your brain, and feel it moving down, feel it moving down into your stomach. It doesn’t have to be quick, just a gradual moving down now I can feel it moving down now past my neck, shoulder blades, and into my stomach. And if you have someone with you, and they try to push you slightly on a shoulder, just gently, you’d find you were standing really firmly.

Paul called this the Strong as an Ox exercise and I absolutely found it to be true. So try that again, just feel the brain moving down, take a deep breath as you’re doing it, your brain’s moving down into your stomach and now you’re solid and strong as an ox and nothing can move you.

This is a really valuable thing to do if you’re feeling a bit wobbly or at the mercy of the elements and it can really stabilise you, so practise that today and see how you get on.

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