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About Nicola

Hi, my name’s Nicola and I am a recovered panic attack sufferer. Personal Consultations with Nicola QuinnMy panic attacks started in 1979, at a time when no one knew what they were which made them doubly difficult to cope with. I was told to buckle down, ignore it all and just get on with things, which, as you know, was no help at all. I couldn’t understand why the more they happened the worse I felt as I was told I’d just get used to them and in the end they would stop.

It was a nightmare. I hung on for years. Some days seemed interminable, until my world just got smaller and smaller. In the end I had to abandon public transport and be driven to work every day. Luckily this was possible for me though the panic attacks encroached more and more on my personal freedom until I just didn’t have the strength to go out anymore.

Then in 1996 I discovered EFT and energy therapies and my life changed dramatically, within one week. I learned the simple technique, put it into action, and my life began all over again. I can’t believe I wasted so much time, though in my defence the technique hadn’t been invented when I first needed it.

Anyway, that’s the executive summary of my story and I am so happy you are here and that I can help you too become panic attack and anxiety free. Read the articles, practice the technique. Everything you need to overcome panic attacks is on this site for free though do contact me if you need any help or would like a one to one session with me on the telephone. It can really help being guided by someone who has already been through it and is out the other side.

With much love,


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