App Helps Stop Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia

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I’ve finally finished, and launched my app No More Panic – Freedom from Panic Attacks!

It’s been a labour of love as I could have done with just this app when I was suffering so badly and felt so hopeless all those years ago. I even hand coded it myself to make sure it was just right.

The app will teach you how to overcome bad feelings then encourages you to take a walk with an accompanying audio, take photos while out and post to my secret FB group for support and encouragement. It makes a huge difference to know someone is by your side and rooting for you, and is there when you stumble and need support. I found this immensely helpful and was encouraged to go further and further each day. I even made a project for myself to take as many photos as I could of different doorways.

The thing is, I know this approach works. I tried it myself when I had a relapse 10 years ago and I’ve used it successfully with many of my clients since. The app includes all you need with instructional videos and audio, a gps map, and a way to take photos from within the app and share them. The app also includes a full copy of my book Life Without Panic Attacks which explains how I became panic attack free in just 7 days. Here’s a list of all the features:

  • Instructional videos and audios
  • Copy of my book Life Without Panic Attacks
  • Map to track progress of each walk
  • Accompanying audio while out
  • Take photos from within app
  • Access to secret Facebook group for ongoing support
  • Record of past walks
  • Badges to collect to celebrate milestones
  • Email me at any time

Stepping Out App Screenshots

I’ve also made sure the navigation is simple as I know how easy it is to get flustered while out. Everything you need is on one screen while you’re walking. You can easily listen to the accompanying audio and also take photos as you walk.

I’ve been asked by several people why it’s a paid for app and not free. There are 5 reasons for this.

  1. I need you to be committed to using the app (how many free apps do you have sitting around your phone unused? I know I have loads).
  2. There are no ads or distractions.
  3. There are no hidden extras to buy, it’s all there straight away.
  4. Personal support when you join my secret Facebook group (and I charge 10 times the price of the app for a single one on one session).
  5. I’ve created and hand coded this app myself to make it exactly how I wanted, and that takes time!

Also, the app costs a lot less than my book Life Without Panic Attacks which is included.

No More Panic really is the ideal way to overcome panic attacks BEFORE you go out and is a great way to ease yourself back into the outside world with me beside you for full support.

So, if you’re still having panic attacks which stop you going out, download my new app now.

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