Podcast 3: Recognising Physical Panic Triggers


Anxiety Panic Attacks

In this podcast I want to talk about physical triggers, which follows on very much from the podcast on breathing where in that instance taking control of one aspect of your body and symptoms can actually lead the rest of your body to calm down. So just breathing deeply, one thing that you can do when your body is going a bit mad and everything is spinning out of control can quickly reign in all the symptoms and calm down very quickly.

In the same way just one symptom, if you experience it in isolation, caused by physical exertion can cause a bit of a domino effect and bring on a panic attack which I know, and we know, all too well can happen all to easily.

People used to be confused about having a panic attack while lying in the bath thinking Why? I am relaxed why am I panicking? but the heat of a bath can cause your heart to race which then can trigger other symptoms and panicking – oh my goodness I have to get out of here and before you know it, full blown panic.

This came to mind this morning when I stood up too quickly and I felt a bit dizzy. Not too many years ago I would have thought oh I’m having a panic attack and I would have just freaked out, but this morning, now it’s a case of no I have stood up quickly, and it’s the same for you too. Keep an eye on that, if you go upstairs too quickly and your heart palpitates or you sit awkwardly and get up and your knees feel a bit weak, also catching something out of the corner of your eye can making your vision go a bit funny.

There are so many ways to create the symptoms that you associates with panic attacks so be vigilant and separate these out and when it happens say no this feeling is because I’ve come up stairs too quickly, no this is because I’m relaxed in my bath of hot water, and keep an eye on it and very quickly you will be able to separate these feelings and they won’t trigger panic. Be vigilant.


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