Podcast 1: Introduction and Importance of Breathing


This is the first podcast of my anxiety help with Nicola series, I just wanted to introduce myself and say I suffered from panic attacks since 1979 since way back and doctors didn’t even know what they were. I endured them for a long time until I came across energy therapies in 1996 and managed to follow the techniques, especially EFT, and I cured myself. I have already written a book Life Without Panic Attacks which outlines my journey of recovery.

So I’m going to be making some podcasts and giving some tips about the different techniques which I used successfully over the years with myself and many of my clients and also some newer ones which I’m testing daily, because as much as I’ve recovered there are still stresses, day to day, to overcome.

My first tip is breath from the belly; panic attack symptoms and anxiety symptoms you suffer are so similar to hyperventilation, dizziness, breathlessness, disorienting thoughts, jelly legs, and soon as you feel a little wobbly, one deep breath from the belly, if you push it right out, take a really deep breath and after a couple of deep breathes your whole system starts to calm down and adrenaline stops being produced within as little as 3 minutes of doing this. So that’s my first tip and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.