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Podcast 8: How to Reverse Bad Feelings

I had a strange nervous feeling in my stomach this morning which reminded me about a technique I learned from Richard Bandler. It may sound a bit strange, but if you realise that any sensations that you feel, they will continue, they must be moving. If they weren’t moving the nerves would habituate and you […]

Top 6 Anxiety YouTube Videos

Here are my top 6 anxiety youtube videos to soothe, inform, inspire and calm you. Enjoy. And do let me know what you think in the comments below. 1. How to Overcome Depression, Anxiety, Hard Times Lovely motivational video. I challenge you to not to feel 100% better about yourself, and your belief in what you […]

Podcast 6: A Smell to Quell Panic

How a Smell Can Stop Panic In this podcast I want to talk about the amygdala which acts like a Meerkat sitting on top of a mound looking out for danger for you. Again only trying to protect you, but as soon as it senses danger it sends a signal to the hypothalamus and pineal […]

22 Ways to Combat Stress and Anxiety at Work

From Visually. Some great advice here about overcoming anxiety which obviously also applies to situations outside the workplace. I’d also add EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to that list as an effective way to combat stress and anxiety by eliminating negative emotions. Find out how by subscribing to my FREE anxiety course below. FREE Anxiety Course […]

Podcast 5: Another Way to Feel More Grounded

I’ve had some feedback from a couple of people about the Strong as an Ox podcast and someone said they were having trouble getting it to work especially when feeling quite wobbly. I just wanted to say that it isn’t necessary to make everything work, they aren’t all going to be effective for you so […]